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The Story of Our Farm


The Stephenson family has a multi-generational history of farming in St. Joseph County, Michigan.  Eric and Julie Stephenson began their careers in agriculture in the seed corn industry following graduation from Olivet College and Hillsdale College, respectively. In 2006, Eric and Julie began farming with a small pumpkin patch.  They began growing corn and soybeans in 2008, with the help of Eric's uncle, on ground rented from Eric's father.  The operation currently produces corn, soybeans, seed corn, seed wheat, pumpkins, winter squash and assorted seasonal produce.


In 2010, Eric and Julie bought the property the farm market currently occupies.  Following land and building improvements, the market opened in the summer of 2014.  The market is supplied with produce from the farm, as well as the farms and businesses of several local partners.


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